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Plugging immune cell leakage from tumors could improve skin cancer treatment

The number of specialized immune cells available for fighting skin cancer doubled when a new treatment blocked their escape from melanoma tumors, experiments in mice and human cells show.


Electronic medical record alert found effective for reducing food allergy panel testing

An electronic medical record (EMR) alert is effective for reducing food allergy panel ordering among pediatric and adult patients.


Researchers discover biomarkers that could predict future allergic conditions

Atopic dermatitis commonly occurs in children and can progress into what is called the atopic or allergic march, which refers to the progression of diseases that often begin early in life.


Novel peanut allergy treatment shown to be safe, effective and lasting

A four-year phase 2 clinical trial demonstrated that a peanut allergy treatment called sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT, is effective and safe, while offering durable desensitization to peanuts in peanut-allergic children.


Hereditary cancer variants and homologous recombination deficiency in biliary tract cancer

Although associations between biliary tract cancer and BRCA germline variants have been reported, homologous recombination deficiency has not been investigated in BTCs.


Association of Obesity With Cognitive Decline

There are disparities in the prevalence of obesity by race and the relationship between obesity and cognitive decline is unclear.


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